KLeague 2016 Basketball League


About KLeague


In 2007, a group of professionals in KPMG started a basketball league with the objective to promote work-life balance, cross-department and cross-function interaction as well as providing a platform for the KPMG alumni to stay connected with the firm.  The league is sponsored by myLife and over 300 participants coming together to play each year.  This season, being the 9th season, there are 13 teams joining and will be playing in a new playoff format that will hopefully be more exciting and fun.


Past Champions:

Dept 7 (2007)

FAS (2008)

Dept 3 (2009)

Dept 3 (2010)

Dept 12 (2011)

Dept 12 (2012)

Dept 12 (2013)


Current committee members:

Derek Yuen

Andy Sze

Alfred Luk

Alan Leung

Jones Lo

Anthony Choy

Stanley Lo

Nickson Yuen

Shawn Chan

Leo Lai


For all enquiries, please contact any of the above.

For complaints and/or suggestions, please contact Andy Sze or Alfred Luk.” 





Current 2012 FIBA MEN’S rules apply in all games subject to the following modifications:

1. All games are running clock, and will consist of four (4) 10 minute quarter and overtime (if necessary). The last thirty (30) secondsof the first, second and third quarter and the last two(2) minutes of the fourth quarter are "stop time". Each overtime will consist of a two (2) minute period with "stop time" for the last minute.


2. The player(s) on the bench and the player with the ball can call time outs by indicating to the scorer’s table and/or referees. Time out will be awarded during a dead ball. Each team has four (4) time outs per game, being two (2) time outs in the first half and two (2) time outs in the second half. Unused time outs in the first half can be carried over to the second half with a maximum of three (3) time outs being called in the second half for each team. These time outs do not carry over into overtime. In each overtime period, each team receives one (1) time out regardless of the usage of time outs in the game prior to the overtime period.

3. Double bonus free throws will be in effect after the fifth (5th) team foul of each quarter. Players may enter the free throw lane on

the release of the ball, while the shooter and any player outside the 3-point line must wait until there is contact. The low block must remain empty at all times.

4. Each team must wear uniforms that are of the same color and with distinct numbers designated on the front or back.

5. Each team must begin the game with five (5) players and each team is allowed to have maximum of twelve (12) players on the game roster each game. Only THREE alumni are allowed to on the game roster each game. At any time throughout the match only TWO alumni are allowed to play on the court. Any team found violating the rule will be considered to have forfeited the game and the opposing team will be awarded a win with a 20-0 score. Any team found violating the rule will be reported to the KLeague Committee and other penalties may follow at the discretion of the KLeague Committee and/or Master Club.

6. Further to rule 5, if a team does not have five players to start the game, that team will consider to have forfeited the game with a loss and a 20-0 will be awarded to the winning team. If during the game a team has less than five players due to injuries and/or disqualifications, that team has the option to continue the game less than five players or to forfeit the game with the score at the time being the final score of that game. If a team has less than four players, the game would be considered forfeited by that team with a loss awarded and score at the time being the final score of that game.

7. Teams are required to be present 15 minutes prior at their designated court, as game times are only approximate. Following ten minutes (or earlier should the referees and/or league admin deemed suitable), the game is a forfeit.

8. Each player is allowed FIVE (5) personal fouls and on the FIFTH (5th) foul that player will be disqualified. After fouling out, a player may not re-enter the game. A team may continue to play with less than FIVE (5) players; however, once a team has three players or less, the game will end and the team will forfeit the game.

9. Flagrant fouls will be penalized with free throws and/or ejection from the game. Fighting is strictly forbidden and players and/or teams may be disqualified from the league. The following penalties will be assessed at a minimum: 1st fight – player/players will be suspended from the league. 2nd fight – player/players will be disqualified from the league. Other penalties may follow at the discretion of the KLeague Committee and/or Master Club.

10. Two technical fouls in one game shall result in automatic ejection and may result in other penalties as decided by the KLeague Committee.

11. Only players on the submitted registration may participate in games. A team that wishes to add any new player must notify KLeague Committee at least THREE days before a scheduled game that the new player plans to participate in. Any unregistered player caught playing will result in the disqualification of such player and each team that he or she played with would be penalized.

12. After the initial jump ball to begin the game, all jump balls will be decided by the alternate possession rule.

13. The “no-charge semi circle areas” will not apply to this league due to the inconsistency of the setup of the basketball courts.

14. Conduct: KLeague and Master Club has a zero tolerance policy regarding fighting and acts of violence. Please see paragraph 9 for penalties for fighting during games. Any player or team personnel committing an act of violence will be (i) ejected from the game, (ii) disqualified for the remainder of the season and (iii) asked to leave the venue immediately. If circumstances warrant, violators will be remanded to local law enforcement authorities. Also, at Master Club’s staff/director’s discretion, any player, coach, team support personnel, league participant, or fan exhibiting conduct unbecoming to the event may be subject to disqualification from the league and ejection from venues at any time.

15. Other rules: The KLeague Committee and Master Club may make any other decisions in the interests of sportsmanship, fairness, time, etc. These decisions are final. During the games, decisions made by the referees shall be final and only the Team Captain and/or Coach should discuss with the referees during dead ball to understand the call (and not to disrupt the game). Any subsequent complaints / comments should be made by the Team Representative/Committee Member to the KLeague Committee that will in turn be sent to Master Club. KLeague Committee and Master Club reserve the right to overturn any decisions made by the referees.


1. Player must have played at least 1 Regular Season game for the team.

2. Top 8 teams based on winning % among 15 teams after round robin (please refer to point (3) below for tie breakers) will advance to the Cup playoffs and 8th to 15th place teams in the Plate playoffs.

3. Tie Breaking Procedure: A) point differential (Points for net of points against) of the teams tied with ranking from highest to lowest; B) should teams are still tied in points differential, the teams shall be ranked by Points For from highest to lowest; C) should teams are still tied, the teams shall be ranked by Points For/Points Against ratio from highest to lowest.


1. Schedules will be posted in advance once teams are finalized. Written notice to reschedule must be made a week in advance to Master Club and the KLeague Committee.

2. Schedules on the website kpmg.masterclubhk.com are FINAL. Teams may request for rescheduling as per (1) above as long as the opposing team agrees to the change. Opposing teams have the right to refuse.


As a participant in KLeague (operated by Master Club), you recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks for physical injury and you agree to assume the full risk of physical injuries, including death, damages of loss which you may sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with or associated with Master Club. 

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